Face Whitening Cream

The non-sticky formula with active whitening complex protects the skin from the sun and gives it a fairer and radiant look.

  • Overview

    NIVEA SUN Face Whitening Cream provides very high protection to easily darkened and sun sensitive skin.

    • Active UV Cell Protection: The effective UVA/UVB filter system with its whitening ingredient protect the deeper layers of skin cells against UV damage, skin darkening and premature skin ageing.
    • Active Whitening Care: Gives the skin a fair and radiant look. It reduces the skin pigmentation as its source and lightens the skin complexion.
    • Non-Sticky formula: The non-sticky formula with its valuable moisturising elements leaves the skin smooth and supple.

    THE RESULT: Fair and radiant looking skin with active whitening care.

    Skin compatibility dermatologically proven. Available in SPF 50

    Available SPF
    1. 50
  • How to apply

    • Always apply before sun exposure and reapply frequently, especially after swimming and towelling to maintain the original protection.
    • Avoid intensive midday sun and extensive sun exposure.
    • Wear protective clothing and use sufficient sunscreen for unprotected areas.
    • Avoid direct contact with textiles and hard surfaces to prevent staining.
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