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    Tips for sun protection

    Get your skin ready for sunbathing

    Choose the right Sun Protection Factor (SPF) that fits to your skin type. Apply the sunscreen generously before going to the beach. We recommend the use of six teaspoons for adults.

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    What to wear at the beach

    Be perfectly prepared for sunbathing

    Don’t forget your sunglasses! Wear a hat in the sun and regularly apply NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze. Pair it with a white bikini to highlight your beautiful tan the best way possible! Avoid sunbathing at noon, when the sun is at its peak.

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    Get a long-lasting tan

    Without using a self-tanning lotion

    New NIVEA Protect & Bronze Tan Activating Protecting Oil contains no self tanner and activates your skin’s natural tanning process significantly* thanks to its Pro-Melanin extract. No need for self-tanners!
    * In vitro test “Stimulation of Melanogenesis by Glycyrrheitinic acid (GA )” Beiersdorf, 2014

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    Protect your skin from the sun

    Right sun care during sunbathing

    To avoid sun allergies & a sunburn, it is necessary to repeat using a sunscreen, especially after swimming in the water. Take a break from the sun from time to time and avoid direct sun around midday!

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    Let us show you how it works

    To get a long-lasting tan

    Use the new NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze Tan Activating Protecting Oil. Its silky formula with Pro Melanin extract activates your skin’s natural tanning process.

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    Protect your skin

    In the shadow

    UV-rays meet your skin in the shadow because the seawater reflects them. Hence, it is vital to use a sunscreen even in the shadows.

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    Enjoy the moment

    Have a relaxed start in the evening

    After sunbathing, wash off the sunscreen and sand. Support your skin to maintain its tan with the soothing NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze Tan Prolonging After Sun Lotion. Get ready for the night!

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    After sun care

    Soothe sun-stressed skin

    UV-rays, heat and salt water can stress your skin during the day. That’s why you should always use an after sun lotion after a long day in the sun. It provides intense moisture and avoids flaking.

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    Enhance your beautiful tan

    With healthy summer food

    A healthy and light nutrition also helps you to get a beautiful tan thanks to the vitamins and minerals in the food. Drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin and eat food with vitamins and minerals, e.g. watermelons and cherries.

Sun protection & tanning

NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze

Natural tan activation is now possible!

Want to protect your skin, but also get a beautiful tan? The NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze range combines sun protection with a long-lasting, natural tan. The new NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze sun care range immediately works upon application, reliably protecting your skin. In addition, the Pro Melanin extract activates your natural tanning process within the skin – with 0 % self-tanner!

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Get a beautiful, even tan

In every shade of summer

Discover all 9 summer tips. Click on the sun and get selected tips for pre, during and after sunbathing.

Take care and give care with NIVEA SUN

Enjoy all the good of summer

We all love sun, swimming in the sea and relaxing at the beach. To show the importance of sun protection, together with artist Thomas Leveritt, NIVEA made the effects of UV rays visible with a special camera technique. So don’t forget: Give care – and take care! With NIVEA SUN.

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NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze

Tan Prolonging After Sun Lotion

The lightweight lotion with Pro Melanin extract soothes the skin and pampers it with moisture after sun exposure, leaving your skin feeling pleasantly soft. It offers indulging care after a long day in the sun. And it does more than that. It activates the skin’s melanin production so you can enjoy a natural, beautiful tan that lasts.

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Sun protection factor (SPF)

Know what your skin needs

Discover the NIVEA sun care SPF advisor as well as interesting facts about the sun. Plus, get helpful tips about sun protection and care.

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Modern design meets innovation

All NIVEA products – including all sunscreens – shine now in a new package. New logo, clean designs, blue world. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Frequently Asked questions

1How do sun protection and a fabulous tan go together?
2What is special NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze range?
NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze has two desirable effects: first of all, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Plus it activates the individual, natural tanning process – without being a self-tanner.
NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze cleverly unites sun protection and getting a tan. When the skin is exposed to UV rays, it starts a protective mechanism by naturally producing the brown pigment called melanin. Melanin gives the skin its colour and is a natural protective shield for the cell. Getting a tan is thus part of the skin´s protection mechanism. NIVEA SUN has integrated an active ingredient that activates this simple yet brilliant natural skin mechanism. The key ingredient of the unique NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze range is the Pro Melanin extract. It activates the skin’s melanin production within our skin significantly. Even after sunbathing, the natural melanin production remains activated. NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze products support the skin’s natural ability to develop its long-lasting tan, while reliably protecting the skin.
3How do I use NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze products?
4How can NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze be best effective?
The Protect & Bronze sunscreens protective filters start working immediately upon application.
5Is the NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze range dermatologically approved?
6Is NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze range suitable for sensitive skin?
NIVEA SUN also offers sun care products for skin types with special requirements. For sensitive skin we recommend the NIVEA SUN Protect & Sensitive Sun Lotion.
7Is NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze range just for women?
8Are the NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze products self-tanners?
No, self-tanners are products, which contain an ingredient that works on the upper layer of the skin to form a brownish color, which has no sun protection effect. It may result in patchy colouring of the skin if applied unevenly and leads to an unnatural skin colour. The NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze range has a different effect. The pro melanin plant extract is a plant-based ingredient, which acts in the lower layers of the skin and triggers the production of melanin there. The NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze range protects your skin and activates its melanin production, for a beautiful and fully natural tan.